Our ethos is simple

The Player Comes First!

We recognise that each of our clients is different, with very specific needs. FullNinety Sports Management is a unique multifaceted sports management agency that operates across every tier of professional football.

We concentrate on developing trusted relationships with our players and their families. It is for this reason each one of the FullNinety Sports Management registered intermediaries is limited on the number of players they work with. This enables us to maintain exemplary levels of service and focus on recruiting elite players to our #FullNinetyFamily

We offer a complete range of client services

Why choose FullNinety sports management?


The unique and wholly transparent structure of FullNinety Sports Management means we won’t earn until you do. We only derive income from playing contracts and commercial deals. This means we have a vested interest in ensuring our client reaches their optimum performance level and sustains it.

Peace of mind

This dynamic has been deliberately created to provide any new client with the peace of mind that FullNinety Sports Management have a ‘real’ commercial interest in them succeeding. We recognise that the trust of a player and their family can only be earned over time. This is something that is important to us as individuals and an agency as a whole.

Supporting you & your family

We constantly strive to maintain a family feel to the agency. The relationships built within FullNinety Sports Management extend beyond football and the length of a representation contract.

We have developed bespoke performance indicators, which allow us to gauge a clients psychological efficiency and rudimentary fitness levels. Working in conjunction with parent clubs we also provide an anatomical assessment. Which will form part of an ongoing injury prevention regime.

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